As studying abroad becoming more and more accessible, the number of Chinese students who decide to advance their education has dramatically increase in the past years. However, pre-college students have limited knowledge when they are applying for art and design education. Meanwhile, agencies have limited knowledge of the art and design ecosystem, which results in the absence of reliable mentors and supports for those students who want to choose art and design as their career. Additionally, parents are unconvinced art and design as a career option. ​​​​​​​
How might we empower prospective art and design pre-college students to
use their personal skills and knowledge to navigate their career options,
make an informed choice and develop a roadmap for the future?
Hired as the one and only graphic designer for this educational start-up organization, I wound up with wearing multiple hats as this program progresses. I was responsible for the art direction for all the visual assets. I had to quickly compile a branding guideline based on the existed logo in order to produce coherent visual elements. I am grateful to be part of the New York team because this is the opportunity when I get exposed to service design, learned about user journey map, and started to understand user-centered design. I worked with our founder and program strategist closely not only to create deliverables, but also became part of the user experience researcher. I combined ethnographic research and participant interview methodologies during the design testing phase to collect first-hand feedback, and contributed to the reflect and evaluation phase.   

Working with the participants during the program.

Service Design Report
Published on Issue
Visual Design

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