Visual Language Project 1: Non-verbal language
Grad school assignment / Group project 
Professor: Scagnetti G. / Done by: Chieh-Ling Lan, Janet Yin
2015 Fall

This is a project designed for people who meet for first time or in a crowded environment to communicate without using verbal language.
At our first discussion, we were trying to figure out the construction of language. With the development of nonverbal language, we found out that a language do not necessarily have to have a strict structure. A non-verbal system can be understood and adapted quickly even it does not have a complex structure or countless vocabulary. It can be easily learned if it shares the same features with the universal body language.
At first, we thought about using water as a medium.
However, water is too difficult to shape; we would need a container.
We thought about using a cup as our medium because it is easy to find.
First Proposal
There are several proposals before the end of this project, during our in class proposals we received many helpful opinions.
With other's feedback, we notice that we need to modify our non-verbal language and cater to most people’s instinctive reaction.
Final Proposal

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